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Instead of metal and plastic the materials used for construction is homogeneous ceramic.

Ceramic construction has many upsides and zero-downsides!

Ceramic once molded into any shape is permanent, a diamond tool and liquid lubrication is necessary to make any modification or change, very slowly.

While metal wears and oxidizes, homogeneous ceramic surfaces lightly polished practically slide upon each other without lubrication, when light lubrication is added the surfaces become virtually  frictionless. Components made of homogeneous ceramic are durable, light-weighted and practically indestructible by normal use.

Yet our products you shall find are moderately priced, big on performance and reliable to the call.


In brief, our products have been under conceptual design since 2005, while production shall begin in 2014, the products are well thought out, meticulously planned and carefully implemented.

The following pages describe our current products, to which we shall add new products as rapidly as possible.